Integrated CAM for SolidWorks

HSMWorks has been developed to work inside SolidWorks, expanding the SolidWorks model and assembly environments into the CAM world. The integration with SolidWorks makes users feel comfortable when working with HSMWorks and gives them the capacity to make top notch toolpaths quickly and efficiently.

Working directly inside SolidWorks, HSMWorks is developed to create the smoothest toolpaths, reducing machining time, enhanced surface quality and increasing cutter life. HSMWorks highlights creative toolpath methodologies, such as Adaptive Clearing, that drastically decreases roughing time.


Cutting Edge Architecture

HSMWorks uses the most recent innovations including 64-bit support for clients of the 64-bit SolidWorks causing a huge increase in calculation times, particularly when dealing with substantial or complex components.

HSMWorks is designed to take exploit the latest workstation technologies including 4 – 24 core processors. Multi-processor/multicore support speeds up calculation of complex toolpaths and is advantageous   not just while producing numerous operations or remaking complex parts after a plan change, additionally while creating a individual toolpath.

Clients can keep working inside SolidWorks while toolpaths are computed out of sight because of HSMWorks’  advanced task manager capabilities.